Reliable, quick and flexible, getting paid for your loads has never been so enjoyable – that's what many of our loyal customers say. Not only do we make sure you get your payments in only 24 hours and take care of all the other responsibilities with the broker for you, but we also charge you an incredibly small fee of the total value of your payments.

Billing & Accounting

Among the range of trucking services Reliable Truck Fleet Inc. provides, we offer the perfect solution to the biggest issue for small-sized companies, as well as for medium and large companies that could benefit from hiring billing and accounting services. Not only do billing services reduce your operations costs, but they can also increase your income – a way to put more money in your pocket in both ways.


If you run a trucking business, fuel consumption is the number one expense that affects over one third of your gross revenue. Hence, improving fuel-efficiency is key to improved net profit margin. But the fluctuations in petrol prices certainly do not make things easier.

As technology advances in transportation & logistics industry, demand increases and new requirements evolve, keeping fuel cost down calls for new approaches. Implementing a single strategy that can solve the fuel cost problem in one go is impossible. Or is it? Cutting fuel cost could be as simple as enrolling in Reliable Truck Fleet Fuel Cards Program.

With our fuel cards, you'll take advantage of better fuel savings, increased control and security, less paperwork, and exceptional customer service. Reliable Truck Fleet Fuel Cards is an investment that will pay dividends for your business every day.

  • High rebate rates on wide network of petrol locations and truck stops
  • No transaction fees
  • No membership fees
  • Easy set-up process
  • Online account access
  • A single consolidated invoice
  • Expert support and advice to help you grow your business

Financing Truck Equipment & Trucks

Reliable Truck Fleet Inc. will analyze your business needs to make sure you will lease the right trucks and truck equipment. With our full-service lease financing, you can free up a lot of capital that you can use for your business' immediate expenses. Since we understand that different businesses require different strategies, we offer a variety of financing and leasing options to help you build or expand your fleet in as best manner as possible.


Our experience in the industry allows us to use the expertise in order to provide your company with the best drivers in the business. We pay attention to every detail when searching for the driver you need.

Save your valuable time and get just the applications you want. By setting your hiring criteria, you'll receive candidates that fully match.


To book a well-paying freight load, you need to make a whole lot of phone calls and send a bunch of e-mails to shippers and brokers. In spite of all that, you need to have top-notch communication skills so you can negotiate a better deal. You have probably tried to book freight loads yourself and maybe even completed few with low pay. That is because the best paid loads are booked within a couple of minutes by other carriers. Our dispatchers can not only grab you a well-paid load, but they can also negotiate with the broker for the highest rates possible.