Fuel Discount Program


We know that keeping your trucks rolling is not as simple as hiring truck drivers and giving them freight loads to complete. Fuel costs, repairs, maintenance costs, regulations and other expenses can get in your way and make your job as a fleet manager or an owner-operator extremely difficult. We know how hard you try to keep your business running and growing, as well as planning each and every single dollar you invest. Regardless of how big your fleet is, Reliable Truck Fleet Inc. knows the challenges you face and we're here to help.

Reliabel Truck Fleet Inc. offers you a fuel discount program to help you save more money at the pump, reduce your immediate expenses and keep your trucks moving forward, along with your business. We understand that different fleets require different fuel card programs, so we provide customized fuel discount programs to each customer. If you're running a smaller fleet, you would benefit most from a discount program based on fuel volume. If you don't know what program would work best for you, we can help you and together make the decision.

  • High rebate rates on wide network of petrol locations and truck stops
  • No transaction fees
  • No membership fees
  • Easy set-up process
  • Online account access
  • A single consolidated invoice
  • Expert support and advice to help you grow your business
fuel discount program

How Does the Fuel Discount Program Work?

The main goal of a fuel cards program is to provide you a greater control over your expenses while giving your drivers flexibility on the road. While fuel cards can provide a lot of advantages for fleet managers, the greatest benefit and reason to sign up for this program is fuel savings, as it is the single most expensive investment, especially for long-haul trucking companies. With Reliable Truck Fleet Inc. fuel discount program you can save thousands of dollars per year and help you become more competitive.

Since our main objective is to meet our clients' demands, we offer fuel cards that can be used in a nationwide network of truck stops. In addition to our great rebate rates, we don't require minimum fueling and don't charge for singing up. Once you get your Reliable Truck Fleet Inc. fuel card, you will never ever pay a full price at the pump again. Not only will we help you buy more fuel for your money, but we will also give you confidence that you've got all your business aspects covered.

Reliable Truck Fleet Inc. fuel cards will also give you convenience, as your drivers will no longer have to get in store to pay for the fuel. Drivers can make their payments outside by inserting their fuel cards in an ATM and typing their PIN in, just like paying with credit or debit cards. But the convenience that fuel cards provide goes beyond saving time on payments. Instead of calculating how much money each of your drivers will need for fuel this week or month and asking them to collect receipts so you can have control over their monthly spending, you can just give them fuel cards and monitor all of their expenses online. This means that drivers should no longer carry a lot of money with them and be at risk.

As we mentioned, you can monitor each and every single expense your drivers make via fuel card. With the help of our online management tools, you will also know how much fuel exactly they've bought and what type of fuel. While forging receipts was once a common fear of fleet managers, fuel discount programs make it impossible for drivers to even think about theft. Note that we do not provide fixed discounted prices on fuel. The prices changes every week, so you can either call your account manager to check the prices or set up a weekly price update via text or e-mail.

Being an owner-operator or fleet manager means dealing with a lot of paperwork that can easily pile up. With fuel cards, however, there is significantly less paper on your desk, because you have all the transactions and other data of your drivers on your computer. We provide you with 24/7 purchase information online and other reports to give you a full control over your expenses.

Our fuel cards are accepted in over 90% of the fuel stops in the states and we provide great rebate rates. Since we try our best to meet your needs, you can get as many fuel cards as many drivers you have. Unlike banks, we do not only give you fuel cards for free, but we also don't charge you any running or transaction fees.

How Do I Join?

If you're interested in getting huge fuel discounts with each fuel refill, all you need to do is complete our application. Singing up for Reliable Truck Fleet Inc. fuel discount program is easy and quick. You can start saving money as soon as you complete our online enrollment form. If you'd rather call us first to get more information and discuss how can this program benefit your business, give us a call at (708)-844-7733 and we'll be more than happy to be of your assistance.

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